Ronit Levin Delgado Rochas


Art combines an intellectual rigor and emotional depth to create a universal language which holds within it great potential to improve society through reflection and criticism. My desire to better examine and contribute to this rapport is my fundamental reason for being an artist.

My work is a combination of painting in traditional and nontraditional materials and video art installations. I love interdisciplinary work for its power of expression beyond the limitations of a medium. In the past I have used oil paints, makeup, stamps and Braille machines to give meaning to the method of painting as well as the painting itself. I'm constantly stretching and defining the limits of artists' standards and abilities.

Through interdisciplinary artworks I explore various social phenomenas. My work often includes representations of minority groups, and my themes consider them, both as the subjects and the audience. Always, the boisterousness exhibited in my work is in fact a cover for much deeper, at times darker, stories. This ties into my personal history, being raised by a hard-working single mother in a low socioeconomic neighborhood of Tel-Aviv.

I have trained since childhood in various fields of visual expression. I attended art schools, earned a BFA at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, set up a studio and worked tirelessly to immerse myself into the local art scene. My achievements have earned me the Fulbright scholarship this year, which I use towards attending the MFA program at Montclair University and furthering my education.